Barbara McKie's Studio

Top: In this view you can see my sewing machine, the entrance to Jim's studio and my design wall. The design wall is covered in gray felt behind which is insulation so that I can pin my quilts or fabric in it. The design wall doubles as the place where I photograph my quilts. This is also a good view of of my surface design table. My contractor made it out of two pieces of 48" x 8' melamine and cabinets from Home Depot. I padded the top with under carpet felting covered with vinyl table cloth material and bottom weight polyester fabric attached with t-pins to the carpet felting. I can remove the polyester, and the fiber reactive dye washes out. The table is on wheels so can be moved if needed. I put storage bins under the center part of the table to hold thread. I also store my rolled fabric in this area.

Middle: In the middle photo you will see my cabinets. Again, from standard Home Depot cabinets. My fabric is stored behind the doors, and the cabinets are already full! You can catch a glimpse on the left of my desk. It doubles as a light table. The small bookshelf is too small for all the books I have. Behind me is my second table, which is covered with a cutting board on the entire top. This table often is used to store and mix my dyes for dye painting, so I cover it with newspaper when doing this. Like the other table it moves.

Bottom: Here you see the front of the studio and my lovely view as well as the wide ironing board. Also you can see where I hang my scissors and other tools as well as the rolling storage cabinets with odds and ends, dyeing supplies, etc. In Jim's studio is the sink where I do my immersion and other wet-dyeing. I do my dye painting in my studio on the table.

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